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Kolkata GPS Software

At GPS KOLKATA, we strive to offer our consumers with the most excellent GPS tracking software in the market. GPS Kolkata along with the successful association of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been able to capture a huge market goodwill along with a good market presence. Haven taken the Whitelablelling Software Solutions – GPS Kolkata has derived its own tool name – Kolkata GPS Software Cloud-based GPS Tracking Platform – Kolkata GPS Software permits fleet managements & layman to monitor their vehicles and assets by using a Smartphone, PC, or a tablet.
Divergent from the existing GPS Tracking Softwares available in the market, Kolkata GPS Software get on an innovative division in the Industry of GPS Tracking Devices which not only focuses on the tracking, tracing and monitoring but as well inculcates the real-time tracking mechanism for the consumers and harnessing a safe & secure situation. GPS KOLKATA has been using the VoxTrail Software Solutions since its launch & the results are marvelous.

Some of the advantages of using premium Kolkata GPS Software are:-

  • Real-Time Tracking- All our GPS Tracking Devices are facilitate the real-time monitoring. The actual location of your GPS vehicle is displayed on the map point-to-point along with the vehicle speed, latitude, longitude, and actual time if the vehicle is in moving state. Numerous vehicles are grouped & handled simultaneously by using easy to use GPS interface – Kolkata GPS Software.
  • Alerts- Using the Kolkata GPS Software offers you many features such as start of day alert, over speeding alert, excessive stoppage alert and route deviation alert. One can examine the driver’s behavior & optimize the fuel usage & optimizing employees. Depending on the requirement there are numerous alerts which can be configured in GPS interface such as – Idling Alert, Tampering Alert, Stoppage Alert, Over-speeding Alerts, etc.
  • Trip History- You can track all the trips made by the vehicle graphically on the map. Information such as kilometers travelled, stoppages, idling, engine time and average speed is displayed. Over speeding and overdrive stretches are highlighted on the map.
  • Geo-Fencing- Our Geo-fencing feature takes an alert customization to next level. One can generate the geographical limits known as Geo-fences on the tracking map around the landmark. An alert in the form of notification, message, emails, and pop-up is sent out each time when the vehicle enters/exits from the marked Geo-fence area.
  • Trip History- One can track or monitor all the trips intended by the vehicles graphically on the live map. Information such as the kilometers travelled, idling engine time, stoppages, & average speed is shown on the map. Overdrive stretches and over speeding are highlighted on map. Also, there is a replay option on Kolkata GPS Software.
  • Easy to Use and User-Friendly Interface- Simple & intuitive UI software offers influential features such as the group-wise access with no need of multiple accounts, keep an eye view of your entire fleet & the capability to report the historical & real-time data.
  • Easy Installation- When exploring for the GPS based vehicle tracking system that fits under your needs, offers an ease of installation & maintenance is a significant concern which is fulfilled by the Kolkata GPS Software. One should come across for the compact device that which is installed discreetly.

Being an associate of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. GPS KOLKATA has reached the peak of an outstanding market share. We highly recommend the operation of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd extensive range of GPS Portfolios.