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GPS Kolkata
Latest Technology Used
At GPS KOLKATA, we simply produce high-quality GPS Tracking Devices.
GPS Kolkata
Top quality of GPS devices
We simply focused on new ideas, simple design and the leading technology.
GPS Kolkata
Latest Technology Used
We have a creative and young team of professionals who first analysis
the manufactured GPS device & then verify it if it is free of faults.
GPS Kolkata
GPS Tracking And Monitoring
We follow the national & international quality standards
that include FCC measures & regulated emission.

Kolkata GPS


GPS KOLKATA is the foremost business firm which has recognized a broad consumer base in the GPS vehicle tracking devices in Kolkata and associated cities. All the GPS Tracking Devices we have deal with are easy to use & start providing the service once they are installed & connected. Also, after the developing we also do a methodical quality check of all the devices so as to make certain that all the GPS Tracking Devices that are getting manufactured by us are well-matched with the International GPS Tracking Schemes. All our GPS products are tested in the most excellent condition in order that you can get most excellent GPS vehicle tracker.




Powerful GPS tracking devices to pinpoint the locations in a reliable way.



Reduce your monthly financial plans with cost-effective GPS Tracking Devices.



Track real-time location of your vehicle with surprising accuracy.



Robust design of GPS Trackers ensures the durability of the device.




We offer an efficient and well-built GPS Mobile App with the help of which you can track your vehicle from the comfort of your home and from any time & anywhere. It is identified to carry out the perfect results and can offer you with the most excellent GPS tracking services along with it.

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GPS Software

We are a web-based vehicle tracking firm that offers real-time tracking of your worthy vehicles on your computer screen via our hi-tech GPS software. Our GPS software offers real-time insight into the vehicle activity that helps to get an easy access over your vehicle.

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IoT Solutions

We offer numerous IOT based solutions for frequent GPS Tracking Devices. Such IOT solutions are –distance sensors, live camera footage, fuel monitoring, RFID System, temperature control, etc. All such IOT features are certain to provide proper support to layman.

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Frequently Asked Question

Not installing the device properly will result in a loose connection that may cause communication failure, data loss, or erroneous data. In addition, false accident alerts and excessive accelerometer data may be generated because a loose connection may cause excessive vibrations on the device. Always make sure to secure the device and any harnesses used with zip ties during installation. This blog provides information about the importance of proper installation.

Real-time driver feedback can be enabled by navigating to the Vehicles section within VoxTrail tab, and then selecting a specific vehicle by name. Once selected, navigate to the Driver Feedback tab and enable the individual rules for which you would like to provide in-vehicle driver feedback on. Driver feedback alert settings are stored on the device and do not rely on a valid cellular network connection. Audible beeps will alert drivers whether in or out of cellular coverage.

If the GSM connectivity is low then the device stores (memory storage capability) the data and transmits the data as soon as the vehicle is in GSM connectivity range.

No. Upon activation the GPS devices will begin to send GPS information to the tracking portal and you will be able to look up its location. If you want to receive automated alerts, you do have to set up your own Zones and Speed settings and designate how you want to receive the alerts, either via email or text message.





" Their products are easy to installed and use. Worked right out of box. so far no complications. Great value for the price! "

Abhay Chakraborty


" Bought product from them last month and this product has many newer useful features. glad I bought it so far. "

Rahul Banerjee


" Good quality, great price, super-fast shipping! "

Ashish Chatterjee


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